Door Styles for Murray UT Homes

Door styles Murray UT

Murray is a suburb located just south of Salt Lake City. Its residents are proud of their neighborhoods and they want to keep their homes looking great.

To do this, they rely on a company that provides high-quality garage and entry doors. This will help them protect their investment and increase their home’s curb appeal.


When you want the flexibility to open up your shower or bathroom to a living or working space, Euro-style frameless doors are an attractive option. They take up less room and don’t require hinges, which can be a breeding ground for mildew, mold, and other unwanted bacteria. These doors are also typically made from tempered glass, so they’re much safer than traditional doors and easier to clean.

Solid glass cabinet doors are available in low-iron transparent, new reflective bronze, satin, and frosted options. These sleek styles deliver understated elegance for kitchen, retail, closet, and office interiors. Pair them with flat panel, raised panel, Shaker, and slab cabinetry in paint, stain, or thermofused melamine finishes for elevated style across your multifamily projects. These doors are also easy to clean, requiring no maintenance or upkeep beyond routine cleaning.


Nothing gives your home an authentic and natural feel like traditional wood doors. They’re available in a wide variety of wood species, panel designs and sizes to suit any design style. Masonite interior wood doors are also a great option for homes with transitional styles.

Adding or replacing exterior and interior doors unifies the look of your house, creates a comfortable environment, and helps protect it from debris and animals. Replacing doors can also increase your home’s value.

Many of Murray’s neighborhoods include houses that were built in earlier eras. High-quality replacement windows can bring new life to these older houses by enhancing their aesthetic and function.


French doors are a popular choice for homes because they allow more light into a room and can be opened either to the inside of the home or to a patio. They come in a variety of styles to fit different architectural types. These include Shaker-style French doors that have a flat frame and a single panel of glass in the center with no mullions. They can be painted a bright color or given a natural wood stain. Prairie-style French doors have a thicker-than-average frame and may be leaded with patterns or images to create a Frank Lloyd Wright look. They are usually used as front doors rather than patio doors.

Craftsman-style French doors mimic the window-glass pattern that’s often seen in Craftsman and farmhouse homes. They have a two-over-one style where the bottom door has a single panel of glass that’s topped with panels that are half the height and width, with a thin wooden frame dividing each to maintain a Craftsman look.