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Our Comprehensive Door Replacement Solutions for Murray, Utah, Homes

Murray Window Replacement offers comprehensive door solutions to both residential and commercial properties in Murray, UT. With our broad range of expertise, we’re equipped to replace various types of doors, ensuring that every installation meets the highest quality standards. Whether you need garage doors, front doors, or even glass repair, our team is ready to serve.

Entry Door

Revitalize the curb appeal and reinforce the security of your home with our entry door replacement service in Murray. Our team of professional door installers works diligently to deliver prompt and efficient installation of top-quality doors, ensuring that the first impression of your home is nothing short of outstanding.

Impact Door

Find peace of mind and fortified security with our impact door replacement service in Murray. Our doors, purpose-built to resist harsh weather conditions and deter potential intruders, serve as a reliable stronghold for your home. Engage with our professional team, who will ensure a swift, efficient installation process, providing outstanding customer service along the way.

Patio Door

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of outdoor living with our top-notch patio door replacement service in Murray. Our dedicated team of professional door installers stands ready to seamlessly integrate a diverse array of stylish, high-quality patio doors into your home, bridging the gap between your interior spaces and your cherished outdoor retreat.

Hurricane Protection
Door Replacement

Protect your home from harsh weather with our hurricane protection door replacement services in Murray. In areas susceptible to severe weather, safeguarding your property is essential. Our doors, meticulously designed to withstand the toughest conditions, offer an extra layer of protection against the ravages of storms.


Front Door

Upgrade the entrance to your home with our front door replacement services in Murray. Our team of experienced installers will take your current door and replace it with a stylish, secure option that not only boosts your home’s curb appeal but also significantly enhances its safety. We understand the vital role your main door plays, both in welcoming guests and in providing an essential line of defense for your home.

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Expanding Our Horizon: Essential Door Services in Murray, UT

At Murray Window Replacement, we recognize that every door tells a story, acting as a sentinel to homes and businesses. Our expansive door services underscores our commitment to being more than just a door replacement company. We are committed to meeting the varied needs of homeowners and establishment owners, ensuring they always have access to a trusted partner for all their door-related needs.

Murray Door Repair

A malfunctioning door can be more than an inconvenience; it can be a security risk. When such issues arise, you need a team that responds promptly and effectively. Our Murray team is equipped to handle all sorts of door repairs, ensuring that your Murray door replacement project is in safe hands, restoring functionality and safety.

Custom Door Replacement

Every space is unique, and sometimes, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't cut it. That's where our custom door replacement service comes into play. Tailoring doors to suit the specific aesthetics and dimensions of your door replacement Murray project, we bring bespoke solutions that reflect your personal or business ethos.

Emergency Door Replacement Services

Emergencies don't announce their arrival. Be it a break-in attempt, weather-related damage, or any sudden malfunction, our emergency door replacement service ensures swift action. As local pros in Murray, we ensure rapid response times, minimizing the inconvenience and potential security vulnerabilities for you.


Murray's varied climate necessitates doors that can withstand its whims. Our weatherproofing services ensure that your doors remain resistant to external elements, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring they function optimally, irrespective of the weather conditions.

Energy Efficiency and Security Audits

A well-insulated door is not just about comfort but about energy savings, too. Combined with the necessity of ensuring doors are secure, our door replacement service in Murray includes comprehensive audits to gauge energy efficiency and security. Our findings guide homeowners and business owners in making informed decisions.

Door Hardware Replacement

The little things often make a big difference. Be it handles, hinges, or any other door hardware, their proper functioning is crucial. Our dedicated door replacement team in Murray specializes in hardware replacement, ensuring every component of your door system works seamlessly.

Screen Door Replacement

Screen doors provide that essential barrier against pests and debris while allowing fresh air to circulate. As part of our Murray door replacement service, we offer premium screen door replacements that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Soundproof Door Replacement

In our bustling world, the tranquility of our spaces is invaluable. For those craving peace and quiet, our soundproof door replacement service is a godsend. By incorporating state-of-the-art materials and techniques, we ensure that noises stay where they belong - outside.

Enhance Your Murray Home Security with Our Premium Door Features

Deadbolts provide an added layer of security, making doors tougher to break into. Our premium deadbolts are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and strength. They serve as a formidable deterrent against unauthorized access to your home.

Step into the future with our smart door locks. Made from top-tier materials, these locks offer keyless entry and can be controlled remotely. They are convenient, tamper-resistant, and provide an innovative way to secure your home.

Door chains and sliders offer a way to partially open your door to speak to visitors without fully unlocking it. Our high-quality replacements ensure that this feature remains durable and effective. This allows you to interact with the outside world while maintaining a level of protection.

See who’s outside without opening your door. Our peepholes and door viewers are made from premium materials, providing a clear and wide view of your doorstep. They offer an extra measure of safety by allowing you to identify visitors before granting access.

A door is only as secure as its frame. Our reinforced door frames are crafted from the finest materials, designed to withstand strong impacts and prevent forced entries. Strengthen your home’s defense with our robust frame replacements.

Glass doors can be beautiful but might pose a security risk if not fortified. Our shatterproof glass doors resist breaking, even under force, keeping intruders out. Made with premium materials, they combine elegance with security seamlessly.

Boost your door’s resilience with multiple lock points. These spread out the force exerted on the door during an attempted break-in, making entry much harder. Our top-quality replacements ensure you get the best in security and functionality.

Upgrade Your Murray Home: Our Exceptional Door Replacement Materials


Wood Replacement Doors

Wooden doors are timeless classics, oozing with natural charm and warmth. Sourced from premium timber, our wood replacement doors not only look elegant but are durable, too. Opt for our door replacement in Murray and give your home an aesthetic boost with the rich beauty of high-quality wood.

Fiberglass Replacement Doors

Fiberglass doors are renowned for their strength, insulation properties, and minimal maintenance. Our residential door replacement offers fiberglass doors of the highest quality, ensuring lasting durability with a modern touch. When you choose fiberglass, you're choosing resilience and style.

Aluminum Replacement Doors

Lightweight yet sturdy, aluminum doors are perfect for those seeking a blend of functionality and sleek design. Our aluminum replacement doors are crafted from top-grade materials, promising longevity and performance. With our Murray door replacement team by your side, installing these doors becomes a hassle-free experience.

Steel Replacement Doors

For unmatched security and sturdiness, steel doors are the top choice. They're not only tough against potential break-ins but also offer excellent insulation. Trust our door replacement company to provide you with steel doors that are a blend of strength and style for your Murray home.

Composite Replacement Doors

Composite doors combine the best qualities of multiple materials, offering both aesthetics and robustness. Ideal for homeowners who want a bit of everything, our high-quality composite doors are a testament to innovation and craftsmanship. Begin your Murray door replacement project with us and experience the benefits of our expertly crafted composite doors.

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Murray Window Replacement

Murray Window Replacement is a company with a mission that transcends typical window services. We are a community of knowledgeable and skilled professionals experienced in numerous aspects of home enhancement projects. Our team possesses an in-depth understanding and proficiency in door replacements, a service we’re thrilled to make available to our valued customers.

Being part of the local community, we appreciate the needs and expectations of our customers and provide service that makes a difference. From new installations to essential repairs, we commit ourselves to excellence, creating safer and more efficient homes throughout our beloved Murray, UT.

Why Choose Our Door Replacement Services in Murray, Utah?

When you’re searching for a company that understands your needs and priorities, Murray Window Replacement is the right choice. Our team boasts years of experience in the industry and has done an excellent job providing exceptional door replacement service. Our commitment to professionalism and high-quality products sets us apart in the crowded home improvement market.

The individualized attention we pay to each project is our second strength. Your house is unique, and neither your replacement doors nor your home should be. Our staff takes the time to fully comprehend your demands before quickly creating solutions that are customized for you.

We Serve Murray, Utah, and The Surrounding Areas

Serving Murray, Utah and the areas around it is something Murray Window Replacement takes great pride in. Only our passion for the local communities in these places rivals our dedication to providing top-notch door replacement services.

  • Murray
  • Taylorsville
  • Midvale
  • Holladay
  • South Salt Lake
  • West Valley City
  • West Jordan
  • Cottonwood Heights

The Benefits of Our Murray Door Replacement

Replacing doors is a home improvement project that yields multiple benefits. Whether you’re considering the replacement of your existing door or installing doors in your new home in Murray, UT, the benefits are clear and far-reaching. Here’s a deeper look into these advantages:

Aesthetic Enhancement of Doors

Investing in new doors, particularly the front door, provides a significant boost to your home's curb appeal. As a local company in Murray, we understand that it's not just about the door but the impression your house makes in your neighborhood. With our excellent door replacement service, you can rest assured that your doors will add to the beauty of your home, making a strong, welcoming statement.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Replacing your old doors with newer models brings improvements in efficiency. Modern doors are designed with conservation in mind, helping you reduce your energy bills and operate a more eco-friendly home. Our door replacement services in Murray are focused not only on excellent workmanship but also on contributing to greener homes across our beloved community.


In today's world, home security has become an essential aspect of every homeowner's consideration. When you choose to upgrade your doors, you're not only investing in the physical appeal of your home but also in reinforced protection. These doors feature robust materials and sophisticated locking systems that ensure maximum protection against potential intrusions.

Improved Functionality

Over time, existing doors develop operational issues due to warping or wear and tear. Our door replacement services in Murray offer improved functionality, providing doors that operate smoothly and efficiently. Our goal is to guarantee satisfaction with each door installed, enhancing the ease of use for our valued owners.

Reduced Maintenance of Doors

Upgrading to new doors not only enhances aesthetics but also reduces maintenance needs. These are designed to withstand various weather elements and demand less upkeep, saving you time and money on maintenance costs. Our door replacement service in Murray aims to deliver products that are long-lasting and easy to maintain, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.


The installation of new doors significantly improves your home's comfort level. They offer enhanced temperature regulation and effective noise reduction, creating a more serene living environment. With our exceptional door replacement services in Murray, we're committed to making your house feel more like a home.

Elevated Property Value

Investing in a stylish, well-installed door not only amplifies the aesthetic charm of your home but also appreciably boosts your property's market value. As a trusted local company in Murray, we are committed to offering door replacement services that raise your home's value while simultaneously augmenting its visual appeal. Experience a significant return on investment with our top-notch, aesthetically pleasing door options that are guaranteed to elevate your home's market standing.


Our door replacement services don't just improve aesthetics and security; they also contribute significantly to noise reduction. With the installation of specially designed doors, such as impact doors, you can effectively minimize external noise pollution seeping into your home. We take pride in offering noise-reducing door replacement services. We understand the value of peaceful living spaces and strive to enhance your comfort with high-quality products and skilled installation services.

Murray’s Guide to Door Types: From First Impressions to Fortified Security

Every home has a story, and that tale often begins at the door. Whether you’re considering a charming front door that welcomes visitors or a security door that ensures peace of mind, knowing your options is the first step. For all those in Murray looking to understand door replacements, our team has crafted this essential guide.

Front Door: Creating First Impressions

The front door isn't just an entry point; it's the face of your home. Beyond mere functionality, it offers guests a sneak peek into your personal style. Be it a rustic, wooden look or a sleek, modern design, the choices are aplenty. Our team believes that the perfect front door marries aesthetics with durability, ensuring your home always puts its best foot forward.

Interior Doors: More than Just Room Dividers

While they might not be as exposed as the front door, interior doors play a pivotal role in shaping the look and feel of your home. From classic paneled doors to minimalist flush doors, these offer both privacy and personality. Plus, in Murray’s diverse architectural landscape, these doors can be both statement pieces and subtle additions.

Patio Doors: Blurring the Line Between Inside and Out

Patio doors offer a seamless transition from your home’s interiors to the exterior. Whether you prefer the traditional French doors or the modern sliding variant, they serve as windows to the world outside. Our team often suggests these for homeowners in Murray who want to maximize natural light and views.

Garage Doors: Beyond Keeping Cars Safe

The humble garage door often goes overlooked, but it's crucial both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Not only does it safeguard your vehicle, but it also impacts your home's curb appeal. In Murray, where architecture varies, having a garage door that complements your home's style is a bonus.

Sliding Doors: Modern Elegance and Space-saving

For those tight on space or seeking a modern touch, sliding doors are a top pick. They glide smoothly, offer uninterrupted views, and are a perfect fit for patios and balconies. With multiple styles and finishes available, Murray homeowners can easily find one that resonates with their home decor.

Storm Doors: Murray’s Shield Against Nature

Given Murray’s occasional rough weather, having an additional layer of protection can be a wise choice. Storm doors, placed outside the main exterior door, shield against bad weather and allow for ventilation during the warmer months. A practical choice, our team believes, for many homes in Murray.

Security Doors: Your Home’s Trusted Sentinel

Last but certainly not least, security doors are about ensuring peace of mind. Constructed using robust materials and advanced locking systems, these doors are a formidable barrier against unwanted guests. For those in Murray who value safety, our team sees this as a must-have.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Door Installation Services in Murray, Utah

If you’re considering a door replacement for your home, it’s important to gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about door replacement to help guide you through this process. Our FAQs cover everything from specifics about garage door repair and the process of installing a door to more complex topics like glass repairs and the advantages of opting for an energy-efficient door. 

Several signs indicate the need for a new door. They include difficulties in opening or closing, visible damages such as warps or cracks, draftiness around the door, and increased noise levels. As homeowners in Salt Lake City, Utah, it’s essential to be aware that, based on ratings and reviews, consistently addressing these signs can preserve your home’s integrity. Moreover, it’s highly recommended to request free estimates from pros to accurately determine the need for door replacement.

The frequency of door replacement depends on the door’s material and maintenance. Generally, a well-maintained wooden door can last for several decades. On the other hand, fiberglass and steel doors may require replacement every 20 to 30 years. Many homeowners in Salt Lake City, Utah, turn to our verified team due to our top rating. With our background check in place and a comprehensive cost guide, you can be sure of making informed decisions.

While door replacement can be a DIY project, it often requires expertise, especially for entry and patio doors. It’s crucial to ensure proper alignment for the door to operate smoothly. Hiring a professional ensures that the job is done right, efficiently, and safely. Homeowners often look for door installation professionals in Salt Lake City who have stellar reviews and are highly recommended. When you meet our pros, you’ll understand why our free cost estimates and sales approach set us apart.

The cost of door replacement varies depending on factors such as the type of door, material, labor costs, and whether the door frame also needs replacing. It’s best to request a free estimate from us to get an accurate cost. Our sales team offers a detailed cost guide for homeowners in Salt Lake City, Utah, backed by verified reviews and ratings. This transparency ensures you understand what you’re paying for.

A professional can typically replace a door within a few hours, though this may vary based on the door’s complexity and whether the frame also needs replacement. Homeowners throughout the state trust our pro service, knowing our pro offers are transparent. With our background check process and consistent ratings, you can anticipate timely and quality service.

Yes, a modern door can significantly improve your home’s power efficiency. Modern doors are designed with better insulation properties that minimize heat transfer, thereby helping regulate your home’s temperature better. Especially in Salt Lake City, where energy efficiency is paramount, homeowners often lean on highly recommended pros with top ratings and reviews. Our windows installation expertise and commitment to quality ensure we meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

Door replacement becomes pivotal for many reasons. In areas like Lake City, subject to varying weather conditions, it is important that doors are installed correctly to combat the elements. Over time, doors might need repair due to wear and tear, affecting their efficiency and security. By investing in a professional installation, you not only uplift the aesthetics but also contribute to energy savings. Many businesses and homeowners prefer collaborating with high rating pros to ensure their project achieves the desired outcome.

Understanding the cost of door installation or repair is crucial for budget planning. While many businesses in Utah offer ballpark figures, it’s essential to remember that every project is unique. Factors influencing the cost include the type of door, labor charges, and any additional materials or customizations. Seeking reviews of different pros and their rating in the state can give you a better idea. At Murray Window Replacement, we always suggest reaching out to trusted pros in the area to provide accurate estimates tailored to your specific requirements.

While many enthusiastic individuals might be tempted to undertake a DIY door installation, there are tangible benefits to hiring pros. In cities like Lake City, renowned for its vibrant business scene, professional installations ensure that the doors align perfectly, offer optimum insulation, and meet the area’s building codes. Additionally, experienced pros bring in-depth knowledge about the nuances of installation and repair, guaranteeing longevity and functionality. The peace of mind knowing that the project is backed by a pro with stellar reviews and rating is invaluable for many homeowners and businesses in Utah.


These reviews could answer your questions on how we estimate our project, rating in several area.

“Awesome experience! I recently hired the team at Murray Window Replacement to replace the old doors in my home, and I was blown away by their professionalism and craftsmanship. From the free estimate to the final installation, the process was smooth and efficient. They provided great customer service and ensured I was satisfied with their work. My new doors not only look amazing but also offer a better efficiency in energy and security. I highly recommend their services!”

Rodney R. - Murray, UT

“Amazing company! As the Asset manager of a local business complex, I needed reliable professionals to handle our door replacements. Murray Window Replacement exceeded our expectations. Their team was knowledgeable and quick in replacing our old doors with high-quality products. Now, our business presents a more polished and welcoming appearance. Their dedication to great service was evident from their prompt response to our request to their excellent work during installation. I would gladly hire them again and recommend their replacement and installation services to other businesses in the Murray area.”

Stewie U. - Murray, UT

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