Buying Windows in Murray UT

Windows are a significant component of your home. They help regulate temperatures, protect your home from debris and animals, and even affect its curb appeal.

Buying premium windows that offer energy efficiency will add to your property value. Look for vetted window installers that provide detailed quotes and timelines and offer long-lasting, durable window options suitable for the Murray climate.

Double Hung

Generally, double hung windows offer better ventilation and a superior seal against winter weather. They are also open to customizations like frame materials and pane sizes, allowing them to match multiple aesthetics.

They’re a good choice for homes on more than one story because they allow you to clean them from the inside, eliminating roof access and ladders. They’re also an ideal choice for spaces that need boosted ventilation, such as bathrooms.

You can pair them with awnings and casements for an expansive look. You can also add transoms to increase your view and let in more light. They’re a popular choice for new construction and replacement windows alike.


With casement windows, you get the expansive view and natural light of picture windows with added ventilation functionality. They open wide to the side and tilt inward, allowing air to flow through your home even during rainy days in Murray.

Besides being energy efficient, they also improve your home’s security. They are hard to break from the outside and provide a strong seal, which keeps intruders out.

While casement windows are an excellent option, they can be susceptible to damage from windy conditions. The leading edge of the window often catches on wind gusts with a sail-like effect and can be broken off entirely or damaged by the hinges.


Awning windows are hinged from the top upwards like casements but come in a variety of sizes. They are also available in a wide range of styles, from Mediterranean to traditional.

They are a great way to reduce the amount of heat a home or business gets from sunlight. They also protect the area around the window. They can be curved to add some style to the front of a building.

These types of windows are a good choice for new construction, but they can also be used in old buildings. They are an excellent energy efficient choice when combined with argon gas insulation and Low E coatings.

Single Hung

Double hung windows allow for ventilation in rooms with two stories. Warm air can escape through the top sash while cool air enters from the bottom, which helps to keep your home comfortable.

They also help reduce energy costs in homes, especially when combined with argon filled glass and low E coating. They are available in many styles and sizes to fit just about any aesthetic.

They are a popular choice for older or historic homes and are often less expensive than other window options. They are also more customizable for a range of design preferences, including frame material and pane customizations. They are not as energy efficient as other windows, though.


Transom windows are a great way to add more light and design intrigue to your home. They sit above doors and windows and are mainly ornamental in nature.

They can be installed in new construction, or existing homes. Licensed contractors have experience putting them in both. They are easy to install during the building process, but most can be made operable in older homes if there is sufficient room and the support structure is structurally sound.

You can choose a fixed transom or an inswing style that operates on hinges to allow the bottom to swing open a few inches for airflow. You can also have them stained, textured or frosted.


Egress windows are a safety feature that can help occupants escape a home in the event of an emergency. They are typically located in basements and must meet a variety of building code requirements. In addition, they can help preserve possessions and reduce smoke damage. Energy-efficient egress windows use low-emissivity coatings to reduce thermal transfer and lower your carbon footprint.

Egress windows are a great way to add natural light to dark areas of the house and can increase home value. However, it’s important to hire a professional installer to ensure your window meets building code requirements. Some installers offer a start-to-finish package, which makes it easier to buy and install new windows in your home.