Residential Windows in Murray UT

Residential windows are an important part of your home’s style and function, protecting it from the elements and regulating internal temperatures. They also work to enhance a property’s value and increase its curb appeal.

Choose a company that has a website where you can view photos of past projects and customer feedback. Check that the business has fenestration and glazing industry alliance certification, and ask for references.


Vinyl has become one of the most popular window styles among homeowners due to their durability and affordability. These windows also offer a high energy efficiency, especially when combined with Argon filled panes and Low E coating.

These clad-wood frames have a wood interior for aesthetics and an aluminum or vinyl exterior for durability. They are perfect for Murray window replacement projects that aim for a warm and homely look.


Wood windows offer a traditional look that complements older homes. They are a popular choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their home with a classic aesthetic.

Clad wood windows offer a mix of modern and traditional style. They feature a wood interior and aluminum exterior for durability and are great for Murray homeowners looking for a window replacement that blends styles.

Energy Star-rated windows are made with double or triple panes and include a layer of air or gas between each window. This helps minimize heat transfer and reduces energy costs.


If you’re looking for a window replacement that balances cost and energy efficiency, aluminum is a good option. It also offers durability against the elements.

This style includes a single-pane window with air or gas-filled spaces in between for increased insulation. The result is reduced heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Composite frames are made of a combination of materials like wood and aluminum, offering a sleek, modern look. They’re a great choice for newer homes or commercial buildings.


There are many decisions to be made when you’re getting replacement windows installed in your home. You’ll need to decide on what style, color and frame material you want and what type of installation method will be best.

Casement windows operate on side hinges to swing open a full 180 degrees with ease and offer excellent ventilation. They also complement many architectural styles.

Double Hung

Double hung windows have two window panes that can be moved up and down. This allows for improved ventilation and easier cleaning, while also providing a more energy-efficient solution for your home.

Fiberglass frames are becoming more popular for their durability, and improved energy efficiency compared to aluminum. This is thanks to thermal breaks that stop the transfer of heat, argon-filled sashes, and Low E glass.


Awning windows open from hinges on the top and are commonly used in hard-to-reach spaces. They don’t qualify as escape routes because of their size and position.

They pair well with casement windows and are great for rooms that require ventilation. You can customize these window types with different color and grille options. They also come with options like Colonial grid patterns to complement any home.


Add a cozy, homely feel to your living space by installing a Victorian style window. These windows have intricate grid patterns that add character to any home.

Energy Star rated windows offer superior insulation, making them a great choice for Murray home replacement. They can also help you save on power bills and decrease your carbon footprint.

Adding an egress window is a great way to raise your home’s value without having to finish your basement. Peak Windows offers a wide variety of options for egress windows.


Bow windows have a Victorian appearance and curve around corners for an elegant look. They also have a flat shelf on the interior that is ideal for reading, relaxing, or enjoying a cup of coffee.

Like bay windows, bow windows offer large picturesque views and increase resale value. However, they have more options and can be easier to clean than bay windows.


Transom windows are non-operating window replacement options that sit above doors or other windows. They can be used to let in natural light or to add style and design.

Available in many styles including Victorian grid patterns they can accentuate a traditional design. They also come with options like argon gas and Low E coating for energy efficiency. This makes them ideal for a Murray window replacement project.

French Door

French doors add a sophisticated touch to your home’s exterior. They let natural light flow from room to room, and they’re a great choice for homeowners looking to improve their homes’ curb appeal.

Traditional windows have intricate grid patterns and are made from classic wood materials. These window replacement options are perfect for Murray homeowners who want to preserve the historical character of their homes.