Window Styles and Designs for Your Home

Many homeowners dream of remodeling their basement into a living space. This will not only increase the value of their home but allow them to make use of that extra space. However, it is important that you install egress windows in accordance with Murray building code.

There are various window styles that will complement the style and architecture of your house. Some are better suited for certain climates than others.


Whether you have an older home in an established neighborhood or are renovating your new construction, high-quality craftsman windows can add timeless beauty and character to your property. They use a combination of classic wood materials and intricate grid patterns to create a distinctive look.

Clad-wood windows are a great option for Murray UT window replacement projects that aim to achieve a traditional aesthetic. They offer a wood interior and an aluminum or vinyl exterior for durability. They also come with options like Colonial grid patterns and frosted or clear glass.

Vinyl is a popular choice for affordable window replacement services in Murray because it balances cost and efficiency. Its slim frame is easy to clean and resists damage from the elements.


Colonial homes are symmetrical in design and feature a centered front door. This style can be updated with windows that maintain their historic charm and are also energy efficient.

Double-hung windows, which have two sashes that open vertically, remain popular in Colonial home styles. These windows can be customized with traditional grilles for a classic look. Other options for colonial-style homes include casement windows that open outward and provide excellent ventilation.

Many homeowners opt for simulated divided lites on their windows to preserve the historical look of individual windowpanes. Clad wood windows, which offer the warmth of genuine wood without the maintenance it requires, also work well in colonial homes.


The availability of kiln-dried brick in the 1860s and the coming of the railroad transformed Murray’s domestic architecture from small vernacular buildings to Victorian forms with asymmetrical massing and a variety of texture. The most common houses of this period are the cross wing and central-block-with-projecting-bays types, with modest ornamentation.

The most common window materials for residential and commercial replacement in Murray are vinyl and aluminum, both of which offer energy efficiency and durability. These materials also come in a wide range of colors and styles to suit any home or business.

Adding a mullion, or vertical or horizontal bar, between windows is another way to customize the look of your home. This specialized window installation technique is a great option for older homes and allows you to preserve their historical character.

Full Frame

Full-frame replacement windows involve the removal of the existing window down to the studs and trim (and sometimes siding). This allows installers to address any rotting wood, moisture problems, and poor insulation. It also gives them the flexibility to add a wider, more expansive glass area to your home’s window openings.

Triple-pane windows feature three sheets of glass with air or gas in between, providing enhanced insulation and reducing energy loss. This makes them an excellent choice for Murray homeowners looking to improve their home’s resale value and reduce their utility bills. Clad-wood windows have a wood interior for aesthetics and an aluminum or vinyl exterior for durability.


Revamping your home’s windows through replacement or retrofit options will not only boost curb appeal, but also help maintain the comfort level of your home and save on energy bills. A professional will guide you to a better choice of window types, materials, and designs for your Murray home.

Featuring straight lines and clear glass, contemporary windows are ideal for modern homes and commercial window replacements in Murray. They are available in various frame and glass options, allowing you to choose the one that matches your unique tastes and requirements.

Clad wood windows are a popular choice that feature a wood interior for aesthetic and an aluminum or vinyl exterior for durability. Combined with thermal breaks to prevent transfer of heat and cold and Argon or Krypton gas filled between the window panes, these are highly energy efficient and suitable for an energy conscious Murray homeowner.


Contemporary windows and doors offer a sleek look that is perfect for newer homes or any window replacement Murray UT project that’s aiming for a modern feel. They are available in a variety of materials and can feature Colonial grid patterns or frosted glass.

Many modern homeowners prefer triple-pane windows, which provide a stronger barrier against heat loss. Marvin’s square sticking creates a clean, squared-off transition where the glass meets the frame. The result is a strong indoor-outdoor synergy with lots of natural light.