Add Value to Your Home With Bay Windows

Bay windows are a classic window style that can add depth and dimension to a home. They are a popular choice in many architectural styles and can increase the value of your home.

They have been used for centuries as a way to improve homes and provide light. They have evolved over time to meet the demands of different eras.


Craftsman homes, or bungalows, are unique architectural styles that can preserve their value even with home renovations. These homes feature a variety of special details, like built-in window seats and artisan windows.

For this style, bay windows are a perfect option. This unique window style combines three windows at angled projections to add dimension and beauty to your home. It can also be energy-efficient.


The Colonial style of window installation is a classic with a fresh new aesthetic. Use modern lighting to complement the traditional elements of this design theme. Consider visually pleasing wall sconces or an artistic take on the classic chandelier.

The simple geometry of Colonial homes emphasizes symmetry. Regional availability influenced the building materials used in these restrained designs, which often feature wood clapboard siding. Colonial-style houses also commonly incorporate dormer windows to increase usable space on upper levels.


Victorian-style windows evoke history and tradition. They feature intricate designs and grid patterns, and are often made from classic wood materials. They are perfect for homeowners looking to add character and quality to their home in Murray.

Victorian bay windows are also known as oriel windows. Oriel windows are similar to a balcony and sometimes resemble the apse of a church.

Full Frame

Bay windows add visual interest to a home while providing extra living space. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and include a central window pane with 2 smaller windows on either side.

Traditional style windows offer a classic look that complements any Murray UT home. They come in options like Colonial grid patterns and frosted glass to allow natural light to filter into the home.


Modern style bay windows offer a sleek aesthetic that pairs well with many home designs. Using the mullion installation technique to add a seated ledge provides ample space for dining chairs or curling up on a plush sofa with a good book.

Unlike the larger canted bay window, box windows have angled sides and are more suited to window seats or reading nooks. This moody example of a contemporary bay blends the clean angles with traditional trim details for a fresh and enticing layout.


Contemporary style bay windows create an arc of light in a room, providing space for additional seating or storage. They’re also a great choice for rooms with angled projections.

These replacement windows offer panoramic views and ample natural light. They’re a popular choice for modern and transitional homes, but they can also complement traditional styles like classic cottages. These windows have clean lines and a minimalist appearance.


Although the term “vinyl” is synonymous with the music format, it has a wide range of applications. It’s one of the most popular materials for windows, offering a traditional style that complements any home.

Vinyl is a versatile and economical choice for window replacement. It’s a good balance of cost and energy efficiency. It is made from a polymer derived partly from hydrocarbons like petroleum and natural gas and partially from the natural element chlorine.


Bay windows add architectural interest to a home and can create a cozy reading nook, display space or bathtub alcove. They can also maximize views and light.

They are commonly found in transitional and contemporary homes, but also look great in more traditional style houses as well. They can include up to three operable angled windows, typically casement or double-hung windows.


A combination of materials, like wood and vinyl, these replacement windows are a great choice for Murray window replacement projects with a traditional aesthetic. They feature Colonial grid patterns and frosted or clear glass options.

Using 3 units of single-hung, double-hung or casement windows at angled projections, bay and bow windows can transform rooms with added depth and light. Energy-efficient options, they provide additional space for storage or seating areas.


A window space that protrudes from the exterior wall of a home, creating an area inside that can be used for seating, display, or simply enjoying a view. Bay windows are typically composed of a central fixed window, flanked by two smaller windows—which can be either single-hung or double-hung or casement—set at an angle. They can provide a panoramic view and increase natural light in a room.