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Adding beauty and durability to your home is easier than ever with the latest in door technology. Whether you need glass walls, folding doors or hand sketched designs that feature your family crest or Wasatch Front scenery, these experts can help you create the ultimate home improvement project.

Energy efficient windows help reduce power bills and protect carpets, furniture and artwork from fading. You can also save money on heating and cooling costs with triple-pane windows.

Craftsman Windows

American Craftsman homes have a unique charm that demands special attention to preserve during any renovation or update. The windows in this style of home are particularly important, as they contribute to the overall aesthetic and create a strong visual impression.

Double-hung windows are popular in craftsman-style homes, but casement and awning windows also work well for this design. The key to these windows is the use of vertical grilles that accentuate their tall proportions.

The low-cost American Craftsman windows are available at Home Depot, but I don’t recommend them due to their poor quality. They leak and are not energy efficient. Consider instead a quality window like Silver Line or Andersen’s American Craftsman.

Colonial Windows

Colonial homes are a timeless style that has stood the test of time. If you have a colonial-style home, upgrading your windows is a great way to preserve its historic charm while enjoying modern comfort and energy efficiency.

Many different window styles can complement a Colonial home, including double-hung windows with standard grid patterns. These windows emphasize symmetry and make the home appear geometrically proportional. Other window types include bay and dormer windows, which can increase usable space in upper floors and attics.

For a more modern look, consider fiberglass or vinyl windows that replicate the appearance of genuine wood without the maintenance wood requires. These windows offer the classic character of a colonial-style house with the added benefits of insulated glass and a weather strip.

Clad-Wood Windows

If you want the look of natural wood windows in your home but don’t want to deal with all the maintenance that comes with them, clad-wood windows may be perfect for you. These windows have a natural wood interior but are coated with aluminum or vinyl on the exterior, which protects them from harsh weather and wear and tear.

The exterior cladding also provides thermal insulation, helping to reduce drafts and minimize energy bills. Plus, the durable extruded aluminum is highly resistant to dents and scratches. Another benefit of clad-wood windows is that they’re eco-friendly. The natural wood is made from a renewable resource, and the aluminum can be recycled when it’s worn out. This makes them a great option for any sustainable home.

Traditional Style Windows

Window replacement can be a great way to breathe new life into an older home. However, the type of windows you choose can have a huge impact on your overall home design. It is important to find a window style that coordinates well with the traditional look of your home. You can achieve this by choosing windows with Colonial grid patterns and frosted glass.

You can also improve your energy efficiency by choosing double-pane windows. These windows have two panes of glass with an air or gas-filled space between them, making them a great choice for Murray homeowners who want to save money on their energy bills. Lastly, you can also install bay or bow windows to add extra visual appeal to your home.

Triple-Pane Windows

Triple pane windows provide a more energy efficient alternative to double-pane windows. They keep more heat in during winter and out during summer, saving you money on utility bills. They also reduce outside noise.

This improvement in energy efficiency allows homeowners to use a programmable thermostat and maintain an even temperature throughout the home. Triple pane windows can also reduce drafts and exterior noise, which is beneficial for those living near busy streets or noisy neighbors.

The two inner chambers of the triple-pane window can be filled with argon or krypton gas, which helps them to reduce energy loss and condensation. This is especially important in cold climates where water vapor can fog windows and create potential mold problems and drywall damage. These benefits make triple-pane windows worth the extra cost.