Energy Efficient Entry Doors

Upgrading your entry doors to energy-efficient models can save you money and improve indoor comfort. A squeaky door indicates worn-out hinges, moisture damage and other issues that may require replacement or repair.

The right entry door can set your home apart from the rest, add curb appeal and enhance security. Choosing the right material is crucial to your door’s performance. Wood, fiberglass and steel offer different benefits for your home.

Energy-efficient windows

The windows of your home play a critical role in its energy efficiency. Heat gained or lost through the windows accounts for 25-30% of residential energy usage, so installing high-performance replacement windows is a great way to lower your power bills. Choose a window contractor that offers multiple product options, strong warranties and competitive quotes. A good company will be certified by the EPA and Energy Star, and support charitable organizations like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

There are many types of energy-efficient doors, including wood, fiberglass and steel. The best choice for your needs depends on the climate of your region and your personal style. Fiberglass doors have a durable exterior that resists warping, rotting and denting. They also come in styles that mimic the look of traditional wood.

Triple-pane windows are another option for homeowners in Murray. These windows consist of three sheets of glass with an air or argon-gas-filled space between them. These windows provide greater insulation and reduce heat loss, making them a great choice for homes in hot or cold climates. They can also filter out harmful UV rays, which protect your carpet, furniture and artwork from fading.

Decorative glass

The right exterior doors enhance a home’s beauty and protect it from the elements. They can also increase a property’s value and provide privacy. Decorative glass offers endless possibilities for customization, making your door one-of-a-kind and reflecting your taste.

Whether you prefer a splash of color with stained glass or an intricate design with carved glass, there’s a door option for every style. Caming, the grooved metal bars that outline ornamental glass designs, can add a unique touch as well.

French doors and patio doors are another beautiful way to bring light and visual interest to an entryway. These doors can be paired with sidelites or transoms to create a custom look for your home. These doors are often filled with insulating foam and offer energy efficiency.

Curb appeal

Your entry door is the first impression that potential buyers get of your home. It sets the tone for the overall appearance of your home, and a good curb appeal will increase your property value. There are many ways to improve your curb appeal, but the most important is to ensure that your front door is in good condition. Curb appeal includes landscaping, the color of your home’s exterior, and other details such as a well-maintained mailbox and light fixtures.

Solid wood exterior doors are a great choice for homeowners who want to boost their curb appeal. They are durable and resistant to being kicked in or broken down, which gives you peace of mind that your family is safe at home. They also have exceptional insulating properties, which will improve your interior comfort and lower your energy bills. These doors are also available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and finishes. They can be customized with windows, transoms and sidelites.


The right exterior doors not only boost your home’s aesthetic and increase its value, but they also play an important role in your property’s energy efficiency and security. In fact, newer doors offer heightened security features, including smart locks and hazard sensors that alert you of fires, flooding, and other hazards in your area.

Modern doors are also designed to provide superior insulation, helping you keep your energy bills low and keeping your home comfortable all year round. Moreover, they reduce external noise, providing you with a quiet sanctuary within your home, particularly in Murray’s bustling neighborhoods.

If your entry door is squeaking or creaking, it may be time to consider a replacement. Creaking doors indicate worn-out hinges, moisture damage, and other concerns that can cause serious problems for your home. The best way to protect your investment is by investing in a new door installation from an experienced company in Murray. A reputable door installation company will ensure that your new door meets all the requirements for long-lasting durability and performance.